Independent Election Commission - Jordan

The Independent Election Commission is the national electoral commission of Jordan, which is responsible for administering and supervising elections under the Constitution of Jordan.

About IEC

The Independent Election Commission was founded in 2012 as an independent body that is responsible for managing and supervising the electoral process in Jordan without any interferences. 

IEC is considered as one of the outcomes of the political reform in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan under the patronage and supervision of His Majesty King Abdullah the second.

The main reason of founding the commission is to ensure the transparency of the elections and regaining the peoples’ trust in the electoral process in Jordan.

IEC was founded in 2012 and it has started its work in building its organizational structure in parallel with preparing for the first parliamentary elections that it conducted in January 2013. 

In 2014, upon the constitutional amendments the role of the IEC was expanded and has become responsible for conducting and supervising local elections and any other general elections. In addition to any other elections that the government asks the commission to conduct. While guaranteeing the highest standers of transparency, integrity and impartiality in managing the electoral process. 

After that IEC has supervised many by-elections, municipal councils and greater Amman city council that was conducted by the government on August 2013. 

سيادة القانون
The rule of law

Board of Commissioners

The Commission has a Board of Commissioners composed of a chairman and four members appointed by a Royal Decree for a non-renewable term of six years upon the recommendation of a committee chaired by the Prime Minister and the membership of both the President of the House of Representatives and the President of the Judicial Council and in accordance with the conditions stipulated in the Law of the Commission.

معالي المهندس موسى المعايطة

His Excellency Engineer Musa Maaytah

Chairman of the Board of Commissioners of the Independent Election Commission

د. عبير دبابنه

Dr. Abeer Bashir Dababneh


السيد عمار الحسيني

Mr. Ammar Ahmmad Al-Husseini


السيد جهاد فواز المومني

Mr. Jihad Fawaz Al-Momani 


الدكتور رائد سامي العدوان

Dr. Raed Sami AlAdwan



The work of the Independent Election Commission is regulated by a number of legislations.

 As an institution, the Independent Election Commission bears the status of constitutionalism, according to Article 67/2 of the Jordanian constitution.

 And according to the law"ministries, government departments, official and public institutions are obligated to provide all kinds of support and assistance requested by the authority to enable it to carry out the tasks and responsibilities entrusted to it ..."

 Outside the election season, the Commission is committed to its duties and legal role to "educate voters about the importance of participating in political life, including electoral processes."

 Next, contracts regulate the Commission’s relations, starting with the constitution and ending with highly detailed reports.


The Independent Election Commission operates according to its Law No. (11) for the year 2012, and the amendments made to it according to the amended Law No. (46) for the year 2015, whereby the law defines the basic definitions of the Commission’s work, the responsibilities of the Commission, the mechanisms for the formation, tasks and responsibilities of the Board of Commissioners and the General Secretariat, in addition to a number Of the provisions regulating the work of the Commission.

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